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2017’s First Snowy Mountains Trout Spawn Run

With ANZAC day last Tuesday, we took the opportunity go have a long weekend and go on a scouting trip in the Snowies to see if we could find any early runners.

We got to camp late Sunday afternoon at sunset, so opted to set up camp first rather than try and fish in the quickly fading light.

Monday we walked down to the river, as car access is now closed off, and with a slow start to the day after about an hour, we had a small bite window of about 20 minutes which saw me land 3 fish before it shut down.

A trip back into town for some work calls for everyone during the middle of the day and a quick hello at the Adaminaby Angler for some purchases, and we were back on the water at around 3pm for the afternoon.

It was still quiet, but I did hook a decent fish before dropping it after went nuts.

At about 5am the morning the following day rain started to fall on the canvas of the tents, but nothing substantial to get the flow go and the water levels up. Wes and his daughter opted to head home while Chris and myself put on the wet weathers and went for a look. There were occasional rises but barely any activity, both of us getting no interest from any fish. We walked up and down the river trying different runs, but they just weren’t playing the game.

Wet and cold, we walked back to camp, packed up and ducked back into the bakery for some chips and gravy to warm up with before heading back to the coast.

I would have been good to be back there again today, as I think the bit of rain may have got them going, but adult duties call and we’re back in the office…

We’re hoping to squeeze another trip or 2 in this year but will wait for a heavy rain period before the next adventure.

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