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Secret Bass Creek

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20knt Snap Snaps

Last Friday Wes rang and said “lets go for a snapper this arvo”, so I jumped on Sea Breeze to see what to expect. 20+ knot winds and a 1.1m swell was the prediction. Wes’ Scout is out of action at the moment, so that left us with only my boat as the option, a 4.55m Savage Jabiru Pro V-nose punt… we were going to get wet!

We got down to our launch ramp which is an ocean facing one, to find the wind howling and the seas white caping as far as the eye could see. It’s a 40min drive from home so we though we might as well sneak out and see how bad it was. Within minutes we were soaked, but with the wind blowing NE it would actually set us up for an awesome drift covering great grounds from one headland to another.
We managed some good fish up to 3kg in 14-16m using Zman and Gulp Jerk Shads on 1/2oz jig heads, which were sent back to the depths using a release weight to help them get down.

Between trying to keep balanced due to the chop, we did capture a little bit of footage on the new Garmin Australia VIRB XE’s. The footage is straight from the camera with no colour correction or stabilisation.


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