Who Is LureAddicts.com

I guess we should start out about who we are? As the name would suggest we are Lure Addicts!  Below is a bit of a bio about everyone involved with the site:

Tim McGoldrick

Real estate agent by day, fisherman by morning, afternoon and night. When not at work, Tim will be found flicking lures for anything from Bass in the Shoalhaven River, Bream & Flathead in St Georges Basin, Snapper and Kingfish off the coast of the Shoalhaven to Trout in the Eucumbene River.

Fishing has always been a part of Tim’s life, who started his passion for the sport when his father Brian got him started when he was a child. He started him off on the banks of Broughton Creek throwing prawns for Bream, then as they progressed and although Brian was easily seasick, they started to venture off shore to soak soak baits in the hope of something bigger.

After being very active on a couple of forums, Tim felt the need to create his own website and in 2012 launched the website BassFishingAddicts.com. This proved to be a popular website and whilst it was running almost 18,500 visits. Although his passion is Australian Bass on lures, he felt that the name he gave the site didn’t really reflect the type of fishing or species he was chasing correctly and so V2.0 was launched, LureAddicts.com in 2014.

Wes Murphy


Peter Roth


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