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How to find Bass creeks!

Every so often we are asked the question of how we find the locations we fish. It’s quiet simple in some respects but can often be time consuming or not what you expect when you get there. There are some easy  steps to take to try and minimise frustration and effort.

I think most people would be aware of one of the greatest Bass fishing tools anyone can have, Google Maps. Not only is it a hell of a lot of fun finding your house, car etc but it gives you a great snap shot of any creek/river/dam you are thinking of fishing.

A newer not so known website was launched a couple of years back and has taken what Google have done one step further. Maps.Six provides higher resolution photos of N.S.W. which tend to be more up to date and as a Real Estate Agent I use it daily. The great thing about Maps Six is that there is a identify tool that allows you to click on the map and it will show you the boundaries of a property, which is great if you want to know who owns what bit of the creek you are wanting to fish, so that you can approach them for permission to fish on their property.



When trying to find spots that hold Bass, look for major river systems that are known to have them, then start looking at the tributaries and find roads that run along side them or have bridges that cross them. This can be some of the easiest ways to find fish, and you’ll probably find you weren’t the first person to fish them either. From there it’s about gaining access to private property and the first step to this is a soft approach by sending or dropping off a letter asking for permission, then give it a few days and knock on their door. It’s always best to get permission then to trespass.

Another tool that used to be amazing and free, but now has become a really expensive subscription is This is a super high resolution option and you are able to change the dates of the photos you are looking at as they are updated regularly and without a doubt will make you want to go find that secret creek on your next trip. You will be able to see fallen trees, weed banks and over hangs before you even think about being on the water, and because they get update, you can monitor locations after floods etc, but the subscription is expensive!

Once I figure out where I want to go, I will do a virtual drive by (where possible) using Street View on Google Maps. This is an essential tool if you are wanting to check out how easy or hard it’s going to be to access where you want to go.

Street View

Once you’ve done that, the only thing left to do is go there in person and see if your suspicions are right and hopefully catch a metaphorical horse!


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