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Lucky Craft Keroll Bug Review


Length: 45mm

Weight: 5.0g

Action: Surface, needs to be twitched or walk the dog action

Sound: Light rattle

Price: Around $23

Opinion: I came across this in my local tackle store (LTS) this week. They looked great and the finish on the product was perfect, as anyone would expect from Lucky Craft. I had a trip planned to head up the Shoalhaven chasing Bass and was going to test by only using it for the session.

Casting was average. I put this down to the large cupped face of the lure. Where others would go sailing through the air, this lure would spin out, slow down and crash before hitting it’s intended target resulting in needing to put a 2 or cast to get it where you wanted due to the reduced accuracy.

Sitting on the surface, this lure looks the great and sits nicely. When it came to the retrieve, my expectations were that it would walk/wobble when retrieved with a slow wind like other surface likes such as the Megabass Siglett or Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada. This wasn’t the case. When retrieved this way, the cupped face would work for a few seconds then catch an edge, drag the lure below the surface then start spinning before righting itself and starting the process again. You can get it to walk/wobble if you hold the rod tip high so as to pull it to the surface. I found this lure worked best when twitched then paused or used like a walk the dog style lure.

Would I buy them again? I’m undecided and will need to give it more time. I think there are lures out there that use the same action that have a better result, swim better and are easier to use like the Lucky Craft Sammy or Lucky Craft Bevy Popper. It worked ok when there was a dead calm surface, but as soon as a little chop developed, forget about it! I got a few fish on it today, but none that were photo worthy. Will update when a bigger fish decides to eat it!





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