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Monster Slayer Q&A – Bream with Anthony Kalsow

What is you’re name, your age and where are you from?
Anthony Kalsow, 33, Wollongong
How long have you been fishing?
About 10 years with lures, and 5-6 years tournament fishing.
How often do you go fishing?
I normally fish every week, but during holidays I fish more frequently if I can.
What is your favourite species and why?
Bream; because i can chase them year round, using so many techniques on different waterways.
How big was this fish?
1.92kg and around 42 fork length.
Where was it caught?
St Georges Basin during Rd2 of the BETS Series
What tackle were you using?
13 Fish Muse Gold 7’2″ 2-6lb, Daiwa Caldia 2004 loaded with 3lb Gosen Reloaded Bass Fluorocarbon
What lure did you catch it on?
Pro Lure D36 crank in Matt Black
What was the technique?
A simple slow roll over a deep cockle bed in dirty water. The Matt Black S36 and D36 has really been a standout lure for me fishing dirty water on cockle beds.
What was the weather doing?
The weather was very ordinary! It was blowing hard from the south (around 15-20knts) and the water was very sloppy. The flat we were fishing had 1ft white caps and landing her was very difficult as she bricked me in the cockle weed. I had to circle with the electric motor a number of times to try to get her to budge and after almost falling in the water a couple of times she thankfully broke free after a number of minutes. It was one of the toughest sessions on the water in a long time!
What are you tips for anyone looking to chase this species?
I have a few tips. Firstly, fish light to get the bite. 3lb (straight through) is considered pretty normal nowadays when cranking and line that light is often what you need to get the bite. I like using straight through as i can get the lure to swim at an optimal depth and the stretch reduces pulling hooks. Secondly, put the time in. Catching bream consistently take lots of time of the water and after a while you will develop patterns for certain times of the year on different systems. Thirdly, have fun and don’t put pressure on yourself to get results. Bream can be very challenging to catch, especially in tournaments. So try not to chase a result, just remember to have fun and hopefully it will fall in to place. That’s something I always remind myself of during a tough bite.


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