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Monster Slayer Q&A – Flathead with Jai Goodwin



What is you’re name, your age and where are you from?
Jai Goodwin, 25, South coast NSW.
How long have you been fishing?
Since I was a little kid, with my poppy Peter, but have been taking lure fishing seriously for about 3 years.
How often do you go fishing?
2-3 times a week when possible.
What is your favourite species and why?
There’s so many to choose from, bream, bass but overall I’d have to say Flathead.
They can be a challenge to figure out and once you think you have them figured out something changes and you have to start all over.
How big was this fish?
A fat 90cm and about 6kgs.
Where was it caught?
St Georges Basin, in around 12ft of water on the edge of a weed bed.
What tackle were you using?
Shimano Zodias 270ML matched to a 2500 Shimano Stradic.
What lure did you catch it on?
100mm squidgie fish in black & gold on a custom powder coated jig head 4 0 hook made by my friend Rodney Heapy.
What was the technique?
The Walter rip, cast the plastic out let it sink, give it a good few rips while winding at the same time, let the plastic sink then repeat.
What was the weather doing?
It was a sunny Friday, about 25 degrees, no wind and barometer was steady.
What are you tips for anyone looking to chase this species?
Take note of what the locals are doing, listen to the older guys, ask questions and spend a lot of time on the water
Results will come with patience and persistence.

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