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Monster Slayer Q&A – Giant Tailor with Wal Balzan

What is you’re name, your age and where are you from?
Wal Balzan, 39 years young from St. Georges Basin.
How long have you been fishing?
I’ve been going fishing since I was 2, thanks dad!
How often do you go fishing?
I am lucky enough to fish every week.
What is your favourite species and why?
I don’t have a favourite species, but enjoy estuary fishing the most.
How big was this fish?
This tailor was 86cm long and weighed 6.1kg. Unfortunately this fish died, so I donated its head and frame to Fisheries, who aged the fish at 6 years old making it one of the fastest growing tailor (bluefish) for its age worldwide!
Where was it caught?
I caught it in St. Georges Basin (NSW).
What tackle were you using?
Caught on a Shimano Saros 2500 and G- Loomis GL2 combo with 15lb Power pro and 14 pound leader.
What lure did you catch it on?
Lure used was a 90mm Squidgy wriggler tail prawn in Cracked Pepper on a 10 gram custom powder coated jighead.
What was the technique?
Technique/retrieve was a flick and shake of the rod tip whilst winding then pause .
What was the weather doing?
The weather was dead calm, glassed out conditions in summer.
What are you tips for anyone looking to chase this species?
To target big tailor effectively either slow troll deep diving lures or have a decent plastic, large popper or metal slice tied on ready for when they break the surface feeding on bait fish. A short wire trace is always a good option as  the big boppers have serious teeth.


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