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Monster Slayer Q&A – Jurrasic Bream with Mick Walker

Mick Walker
What is you’re name, your age and where are you from?
Mick walker , 38 , from Moruya N.S.W.
How long have you been fishing?
I’ve been fishing since I was 6. I grew up in Cooma fishing for trout every afternoon on the family farm which was on the Numeralla River . I didn’t start fishing salt water until I was in my late teens.
How often do you go fishing?
Not as much as we would all like, but I try to get out once a week or every second weekend . I’ll usually go for a long weekend every six or so weeks.
What is your favourite species and why?
Bream!  I find there’s always enough by-catch to mix it up.
How big was this fish?
This Bream went just over 50cm to the fork and over 2.1kg. I’ve always dreamed of landing that fish! I will never forget the moment when he first came up.
Where was it caught?
Tuross system. I’ve seen some big Bream in around the racks at times, so I knew they were around.
What tackle were you using?
I was using a new Diawa Commander matched with a 2000 Certate running  3lb braid and 5lb fluorocarbon leader . I honestly believe the rod was the reason I landed that fish. The rod has a classic action which I think took all the shock at all the right times!
What lure did you catch it on?
The lure was a Strike Pro Sprat Stick. I’ve had good catches on these at times as well as the Strike Pro Pigmy.
What was the technique?
I was really trying to mix it up this time, I was getting a lot of smaller fish at the time so I was trying to really fire up the big fellas . It was a quite aggressive action with rod tip up twitching it hard and pausing longer then usual . The fish first went hard at the lure right at the surface, I honestly was standing there thinking what the bloody hell was that as the water displacement was not of a usual bream strike . I paused for around 3 seconds and was watching the line for any sign of movement . I felt a slight tick and I knew what that meant he had turned and taken the lure . I knew he was a good fish so I turned his head as soon as I could and stepped on the electric motor to head for deeper water and he followed. Once out in the deeper water I knew I could back off and play it out.
What was the weather doing?
It nice a clear morning slight breeze the type of weather you know is perfect for finesse fishing . Could not have asked for it any better.
What are you tips for anyone looking to chase this species?
Mix it up . Look around see what’s going on around you and always be patient, as an old guy once told me “the patient angler always gets his catch!”.
Mick Walker

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