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Saved By The Squid

Wes and I had made plans on Friday to get out into Jervis Bay and try to find some Snapper. We had heard that there were some hanging around Plantation Point and Longnose Bombie, so depending on the weather would depend on which location we hit. Come 4am Saturday morning a check of the live weather at Point Perpendicular showed 30 kph winds, and the decision to sleep in was an easy one. We rescheduled to Sunday as the forecast was for slightly improved ¬†conditions with 18 kph winds and 0.9m swell. Again up at 4am, pack the car, drive to Wes’s, hook up his boat and we were setting off for the quick trip to J.B. ¬†We arrived at the Woollamia boat ramp just as the glow of the sun started to appear in the sky and once out of the creek mouth at Huskisson the conditions we excellent so we played best of 1 in a game of rock, paper, scissors to see which location we were going to. I won with scissors so we were headed to Longnose.



We started flicking away but there were no signs of any activity apart from double digits o Pike. To put it in Wes’s words “If were were fishing in Finland, we’d be having a good day!”. We tried a couple of drifts, but with nothing else happening we moved outside the heads and headed down the coast to Moe’s Rock. Plenty of Whales were migrating and surfacing around us, but still no Snapper. With little time left for our quick morning session, we ducked back around to Murray’s to see if we could get some squid.


We set two rods out the side to drift some jigs using the action of the swell/chop to give them some movement, while we started casting in the other direction. Wes using a slow lift and drop technique, while I imparted a more violent 3 quick rips with a long pause. As we moved from 15 meters into the shallower water of 3-4 meters the first squid was hooked by Wes, followed by one of our drifting jigs, then shortly after I hooked up. We went over the same drift 4 times and ended up with 8 squid in the 45 mins we spent on them. Unfortunately I had my GoPro on the wrong setting, so I was only able to take screen grabs from the footage, rather than it taking photos.



So luckily for us, the Squid saved us from what could have been a rather dull morning. We were off the water by 10 am and the thought of a chilli soy Squid lunch had my mouth watering. Wes (who is a chef) sent me a photo of his dinner, salt and pepper Squid which made me question my cooking methods!

This one sounds easy:

  • Clean the squid (We’ll do a video on this soon)
  • Cut the tube in half and clean the tube thoroughly
  • Score the tube in a criss cross pattern then cut along the width of the tube into strips
  • Prepare a plate or bowl with a mixture of corn flour and a product from the Chinese Supermarket called “Pepper Salt”.
  • Soak the Squid in a bowl of milk
  • Pull the Squid out and dust it in the salt pepper corn flour mixture.
  • Either shallow or deep fry
  • Enjoy!



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