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Tumut Trout

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Southerly on the Basin

We went back to St Georges Basin again on Friday. The wind was still relentless, but was blowing from the South instead of the West this time.

The wind enabled us to be able to do long drifts through the shallows virtually holding in the same depth the whole time. We found the fish were only biting in the 1.8m – 2.4m depth and anything else was a waste of time. We deployed the drift bag which slowed us down to 0.8-1knt drift. Still a little faster than what I wanted, so we might have to get another one to slow down a bit more.

This time we were using 2000 and 2004 size reels fitted on 7’6″ 1-3kg flats rods, running 3lb fluro straight through. The light fluro line combined with the long light rods allows for good cast and great suspension when fighting good fish, meaning less pulled hooks and less chance of break offs.

We continued to use the same lures as last week, the Cranka Lures Shads which are rated to run to 1m, slow rolled with a couple of twitches. Green or darker coloured lures have been the pick lately and anything else doesn’t seem to even get a look.

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