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The Eucumbene River, N.S.W. Australia

We love this place! Each year we make a couple of trips to the Eucumbene River to chase some trophy Brown Trout and it’s always a great trip regardless of if the fish are biting or not.

We visited the Eucumbene as part of The Great Southern Loop trip that we did around a month ago. It was raining the whole time, so we weren’t able to get the video and audio gear out much on that trip. So we returned again, this time getting a bit more footage, but the fish weren’t really playing the game this time with only 1 fish being caught and 1 lost between the 2 sessions we had.

Fish or no fish, this place keeps drawing us back. Camping in -5 degrees celsius with both guides and braid freezing is just something we don’t get back home. There’s also the strong sense of community at the river, meeting new fisho’s on their first trip there, or catching up with the regulars whom you haven’t seen since the same time a year ago.

It’s one of those places you need to keep an eye on the weather and social media. If Instagram and Facebook start to light up with plenty of Trout, you need to be ready to head down as your window of opportunity for the most active part of the run can be very slim.

I’ve been down 3 times this year, but unfortunately won’t be able to fit in another trip due to work and social commitments. Until next year…

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