The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Adventure – Day 4 – Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 Review

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The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Adventure – Day 5

I think everyone’s body clocks must have really been stuff by this point as we were all fully aware that we weren’t leaving the house until 10am, but I think almost everyone was up by 6.30am. This was the first time we got to see the view from Wyuna Magic! It was spectacular, 180 degree views looking straight across Coromandel Harbor with no neighbors below and a great wrap around balcony, no wonder it has the word magic in it’s name! We sat at the table looking at the weather forecast whilst having breakfast, watching the rain and wind ease off outside. Pete came in and mentioned he too had noticed that the prediction from the night before didn’t look like it had come into fruition. A quick call to Rob to say we were prepared to go out and after a quick interview with Pete about the days before hand we were ready to get out there.


Into the cars and we were heading for an area called Te Kouma where we were going to experience fishing for Snapper around the mussel farms. Steve decided to sit this session out with a sore throat, probably a good decision! Just as we set out past the moored boats the rain arrived with a really, really, really cold wind. We poked around the corner to see a barge at work on one of the farms harvesting fresh mussels. Rob had a chat to the guys on board the boat and we positioned ourselves to start lobbing cast within inches of it and into the water and wash coming off the barge’s deck.


We managed a couple of fish doing this, but I think they were just too well fed in the area as there wasn’t the frenzy we were expecting. Pat managed to do the best out of everyone and it seemed every time I looked over in his direction, he had hooked up again! I think it had a lot to do with the positioning of the kayak as Wes and myself were casting with the current meaning we weren’t getting the plastic to drop down through the water how we wanted and the results got better as soon as we repositioned to the bow of the barge and had the current coming to us. A couple of samples were taken from the mussel farms floats between casts and eaten fresh, delicious! The boys working on the barge indicated they wouldn’t mind some fresh fish so a couple were kept and handed over before the barge was done in this area and the fishing went quiet.


We moved further down the coast and made our way for the entrance to the harbour, but not before I noticed a large flock of birds working in the distance. I left the group to go and get warmed up on a school of Kahawi, then paddled back so we could head for a reef that Rob thought should be holding some good snapper. Just as we arrived at our destination the weather that was due to arrive hours earlier decided to turn up. The drogues went out and everyone got a cast in before Rob called it quiets over concerns for every ones safety. My first cast resulted in a fish, not through any skill, which you’ll be able to see in the video. I cast out, turned around to turn the GoPro on, turned back round and went to jig the plastic which ended up have a nice smaller model Snapper on the end. Good times!


The wind had gotten so bad that there was hardly any need to paddle, we were all adjusting out blades to cup as much of the wind as possible and virtually sailing back in. We got back to the beach where Pete and Steve were waiting for us. Wes and I were underdressed for the occasion and quickly made our way for the warmth of the car heater. Pete and Steve jumped in and we were on our way back to Wyuna Magic, but not before a couple of detours. One being for some beer battered Oysters and chips and then off to see what Pete calls one of the most underappreciated attractions of Coromandel. We head up a back round to go to a guys place that Pete calls Hillbilly. We arrive at a muddy patch of ground with what looks like a shipping container with a chimney. Pete puts the window down and starts calling out “pig, pig, pig, pig” over and over and hoards of pigs come running out from everywhere. Pete goes on to tell us that they are all wild pigs, but Hillbilly looks after them at his place. Check out the video!


We got back to Wyuna Magic, had some showers and coffee and then Rob turned up with a big bag of fresh Green Lipped Mussels supplied by Salty Towers which Wes cooked up for us in a creamy tomato and white wine sauce and Beverly had made a rhubarb, apple and sponge pie with cream for desert, the perfect way to finish off a very cold day!



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