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How to tie a glo bug and nymph rig

If you’re thinking about heading to the snowies for the spawn run and taking a spin set up but not 100% sure of what to do or what a glo by and nymph rig is, this is what I do.

Usually, I would go 4lb-6lb on the leader but decided to up it to 8lb this year. All 3 knots on the fluro are called a world’s fair knot (check out the video below). They’re strong and perfect for running down a line. I leave approx. 30cm from swivel to fly and 30cm again to the last fly. I haven’t noticed a difference from which fly comes first but others more experienced than me might.

The dropper off the swivel is probably a bit long on this rig but it’s just the tag from the knot. I tie an overhand knot on the end of the tag before trimming so that the split shots don’t slip off as easily when snagged but still can if under enough pressure.

The size of the split shot depends on the speed of the flow you’re fishing. When the flow was right down at the start of this week I was using a No.4/0.2g but when it’s fast you will need to go heavier starting with BB/0.4g and use 2 or 3 or go heavier split shots. I generally stick with BB’s and either add or take off what’s needed.

Before you go fish a pool, sit back and watch for half an hour or so and watch what others are doing and how they move around finding where the fish are sitting.

We’ve found everyone to be friendly and up for a chat, and at peak times there are quite a few people there, so be respectful to everyone as we’re all there for the same experience.

There’s plenty of people who do this a lot more than me, so I’m happy to hear of improvements I could do if you have some advice.

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