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The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Adventure – Flight Over

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Trekking For Trout

Chris and myself have been itching to go do something different for a while now. The main idea that we’ve had running around in our heads is to go for a drive out to Burrinjuck for a 3 day weekend, but time restrictions and other commitments just haven’t allowed us to get out there. So we needed to think of something else. Around July last year I went to a local stream chasing Trout after a tip off of where to find them. I’ve been telling Chris about the need to get up there again and with us both having the Friday off after Anzac day, there seemed like no better time!

We had a late start, arrived at our destination at 7am after a goats track drive in and after switching to gum boots started flicking the first pool. We both started out with a Celta each,  and after after losing them to some timber I changed to a Rapala in a Rainbow Trout pattern and Chris stuck with the Celta’s. Nothing too exiting happened in the first few pools, but what a place!





We moved under one of the many waterfalls and within a couple cast Chris hooked his first Rainbow Trout in the fast moving water. This system isn’t know for big fish, but the colours on this little one was stunning! Taken on a Celta, it was time to change for me.




We moved on and fished as much water as possible, mostly the area was too tight to get any decent cast in without clipping or catching the over hanging trees. But we persisted to a point where we thought it was best to turn around, head back to the car and move to the next location on the same creek, just further down stream.


We started our walk in and as we got closer the roar of the waterfall had us excited. We were placing cast in every direction, I was switching between divers, plastics then back to a Celta. Chris persisted with his Celta and after letting it fall to the depths and starting a slow crank back hooked up in one of the eddies just out of the fast moving water of the fall.



Time to move after the falls shut down. We moved on top of them for no result then mad the trek downstream. Finding the same difficulty we experienced earlier on in the day with the density of scrub and inaccessibility of some pools we finally found a bank with trunks hugging the edge which gave us platform to stand on. This was still water, but we were able to fan cast for good coverage. A cast placed down stream and slow rolled back saw a fish finally following my Celta with a missed swipe, but a continued retrieve saw it come back for seconds with a hook up.



It was now around 1pm, so after putting in some effort and managing a couple of fish, we didn’t see the day changing to much and made the call to head home. We will definitely be getting back up there soon to do some more exploring!

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